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The Beech Hill Showcase

Posted on March 21, 2018 at 9:00 AM

A Hidden Gem of a Wedding Venue

Are you looking for a classic wedding venue with a country house feel, a relaxed atmosphere and a blank canvas to put your mark on?

Well let me introduce to you, the https://www.beech-hill.com/" target="_blank">Beech Hill just outside Derry / Londonderry.

Their wedding showcase is this Sunday 27th March 2018 so don't miss out 

As the recommended supplier for the Beech Hill we have dressed many different styles of weddings in the marquee, as it is a blank canvas - from traditional all white, to 1940s Ivory and Black (with Polka dots and war-time themed centrepieces) rustic and classic marquee.

We have supplied limewash, gold and black chiavari chairs, black and white starlit dancefloors, candelabras and willow branch centrepieces, birdcages, chair covers, candy cart and a range of marquee decor options from bunting to chinese lanterns.

Our most popular marquee decor options have been without a doubt, the window and ceiling fairy lights 

Here are some photos of a favourite wedding of ours 

Prosecco & Pew Ends

Posted on March 17, 2018 at 12:25 PM

Full Filled Event for a Bride and a buddy to create their own church decor!

Every week at Swift Wedding Services, we hear from brides who want to hire us for affordable and simple church decor but we are unable to supply for 2 main reasons

  • We are fully booked dressing up the reception rooms and don't have the time to go to the church as well
  • We cannot justify charging the delivery cost because sometimes it is as much as the decor
We spend the night before your wedding packing up the van and the morning of your wedding in your venue and it doesn't make sense for us to split ourselves in two to run to the church.. It's a time scare morning as it is... 

Our brides often said they also cannot afford or justify the cost of real flowers and by the time they buy the materials online, they are out a fortune...

If an abundance of fresh flowers is your dream, then this isn't for you - this is for brides who need a little decor but do not want to break the bank! 


So we have this solution... a fun filled evening where you get to make simple church decor and take it away with you on the night... So this ticket is for 2 people (e.g. bride and her friend / bride or groom's mother / friend / crafty friend of relative of the bride and a friend)


Ticket price also includes a glass of prosecco, tea and coffee and sandwiches... so it will be a bit of fun....


We will have all the materials for you to choose from on the night and our aim is for you to walk out with a long and low flower arrangement (like one of these below although we will find out before you come your colour schemes) AND 24 pretty pew ends

Book your ticket now (which includes 2 people and all the materials) at https://www.facebook.com/events/603467016680683/

Selection of pew ends that can be created on the night: 


Creating a Look

Posted on January 21, 2018 at 1:05 PM

Everyone loves different things. Before we meet a bride or open an email, we never know what they like. We don't know them, their personalities, what their tastes are.

Some brides send emails or messages asking for specific items that we know we carry e.g. a dancefloor or chiavari chairs. And we quote them for what they ask for. We don't push them other items. However in some cases, we have supplied to the venue on the day and perhaps there is another supplier supplying other items that we also carry. So in these cases, the bride has been charged a delivery charge by two separate decor companies. In some cases, we get to meet fab room decor companies who are supplying things we do not have, but we could have liaised with them on timings etc. 

To create a look that you have dreamt of, we advise that you tell us as much as possible about your venue and what you are thinking of. This is not to give us an angle in which to sell you more items. It is to helps us suggest ideas to you, some of which you can do yourself or we can recommend someone who can that we have worked with and know and trust. 

Or maybe you have asked for an item for a room and we don't think it will do it justice. Wouldn't you rather know in advance rather than be disappointed? We recently supplied fairy lights and light up centrepieces and we made sure the lights on these matched love letters being supplied by another company.

Many brides send us photos from Pinterest of ideas that we have and while we might not have exactly the same products, we can sometimes suggest something similar. 

Recently a bride asked for vintage centrepieces. Her venue was providing candelabras free of charge but they were silver and she didn't like them.
A florist had quoted a few hundred pounds for jam jars and flowers and the bride's budget was stretched. We simply offered to dress the candelabras with some cream pearl beads and a few wips of ivy for £50. Job done. The venue suited the candelight and they centrepieces suited the style the bride requested, 

Sometimes a venue includes the price of chair covers which are supplied by another supplier but the bride doesn't like them. It doesn't make sense to take the package and bring us in to transform the rest of the room because those chair covers will either still be charged for or be used in the room. Some venues allow you to take the price of the chair covers out and replace it with something else e.g. wine or rooms. 

So to recap:

  • Tell us all your ideas and as much information as you can about the way you want the room to look
  • Give us an idea of your budget so we can asses it
  • Tell us what else is being supplied either by the venue or another supplier

All about us

Posted on January 21, 2018 at 12:10 PM

Here we are -  Chris and I.. and Sonya from Q Radio... It seems like a lifetime ago since this photo was taken..  In November 2011 we were voted Best Finishing Touch Company of the year by the readers of the Getting Married in Northern Ireland Magazine.

What a year that was! It was the end of our first proper trading year and we had dressed just over 100 weddings. We also had our 7th baby and so things had changed so fast for us.

We weren't always a Room Decor Company. Before that, we had been Swift Laundry Service. We had gone from laundering chair covers and line for hotels and other companies to being the busiest company in the area. We were new and had a new approach. We knew that brides loved chair covers and really wanted them, but at that time they were still quite expensive, a luxury item for the reception. Some people didn't get it; they had trouble understanding why anyone would want to change the look of a perfectly good chair. 

As a laundry company, we knew exactly how much it cost to wash, dry and iron a chair cover and bow and we timed the set up of a room, the travel to venues and staff time and came up with a new cost per chair cover £1.80... and we could guarantee the laundry of a chair cover. So if someone offers you it cheaper than that, then the venue must be next door, or the price is subsidised by another product, or the chair covers aren't washed. It is simple, we know, and diesel isnt getting any cheaper. 

We also bought chiavari chairs and offered this as an alternative upgrade. A pricing structure for fairy liight backdrops based on size. We made room decor affordable and easy to book. We didn't overpromise or claim to be room designers. Still to this day we just ask brides what they like and we try to deliver as close to their dreams as we can based on their budget.

We came runner up in 2011 and in 2012 we won the title.. and again in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.. (2017 there were no awards) We are deeply honoured by the fact that so many brides choose us for their big day decor, they trust us to deliver their dreams. And we thank them for voting for us in the awards. We went from strength to strength and now we have approximately 400 weddings a year. Not including events.. 

Another company once said to one of our brides "They used to be my laundry company" and our bride assumed it was in a derogatory tone. We don't read it that way.. For one, we still really are, we use professional laundry equipment to make sure clean linen, chair covers and drapes are supplied for your wedding. And secondly we can see how far we have come. We are proud of it, we love our job, we are proud of our company and our weddings.. And we love our brides.