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Creating a Look

Posted on January 21, 2018 at 1:05 PM

Everyone loves different things. Before we meet a bride or open an email, we never know what they like. We don't know them, their personalities, what their tastes are.

Some brides send emails or messages asking for specific items that we know we carry e.g. a dancefloor or chiavari chairs. And we quote them for what they ask for. We don't push them other items. However in some cases, we have supplied to the venue on the day and perhaps there is another supplier supplying other items that we also carry. So in these cases, the bride has been charged a delivery charge by two separate decor companies. In some cases, we get to meet fab room decor companies who are supplying things we do not have, but we could have liaised with them on timings etc. 

To create a look that you have dreamt of, we advise that you tell us as much as possible about your venue and what you are thinking of. This is not to give us an angle in which to sell you more items. It is to helps us suggest ideas to you, some of which you can do yourself or we can recommend someone who can that we have worked with and know and trust. 

Or maybe you have asked for an item for a room and we don't think it will do it justice. Wouldn't you rather know in advance rather than be disappointed? We recently supplied fairy lights and light up centrepieces and we made sure the lights on these matched love letters being supplied by another company.

Many brides send us photos from Pinterest of ideas that we have and while we might not have exactly the same products, we can sometimes suggest something similar. 

Recently a bride asked for vintage centrepieces. Her venue was providing candelabras free of charge but they were silver and she didn't like them.
A florist had quoted a few hundred pounds for jam jars and flowers and the bride's budget was stretched. We simply offered to dress the candelabras with some cream pearl beads and a few wips of ivy for £50. Job done. The venue suited the candelight and they centrepieces suited the style the bride requested, 

Sometimes a venue includes the price of chair covers which are supplied by another supplier but the bride doesn't like them. It doesn't make sense to take the package and bring us in to transform the rest of the room because those chair covers will either still be charged for or be used in the room. Some venues allow you to take the price of the chair covers out and replace it with something else e.g. wine or rooms. 

So to recap:

  • Tell us all your ideas and as much information as you can about the way you want the room to look
  • Give us an idea of your budget so we can asses it
  • Tell us what else is being supplied either by the venue or another supplier

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